Dougherty County, Georgia


Dougherty County was established in 1853 from a part of Baker County.

It was named after Charles Dougherty, a judge and lawyer from Athens, Georgia.

Dougherty County, Georgia has a population of about 96,000.

It is part of the Albany, Georgia Metro Area.

The county seat is Albany, and it is largest city.

Schools in Dougherty county include Albany State University and Darton College.

Airports in Dougherty County include Southwest Georgia Regional Airport.

Cities and towns in Dougherty County, Georgia include Albany, Acree, Pecan City, Pretoria, Butler, Dosaga, Doublegate, Ducker, East Albany, Five Points, Four Points, Gillionville, River Bend, Turner City, Walker, Williamsburg, Putney and Radium Springs.

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